”It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do!” ­ Jane Austen

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Reiki Busts Stress With Energy

Stress typically reduces one's level of energy, but harnessing energy through Reiki can lessen stress, according to Relaxed Self at Yoga East owner Kristie McKinley.

McKinley said it's important to handle stress with coping methods, such as Reiki. 

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Source: http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/community-ooltewahcollegedale/story/2011/mar/23/reiki-busts-stress-energy


Just Forgetful, Or Is It Dementia?

So you’re getting older and you’ve lost your keys again. Could you be losing your memory? Here’s how to know when you have cause for concern.

Have you ever bumped into an old friend whose name escaped your mind? What about forgetting how to accomplish a task you’ve done for ages?

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Source: http://www.healthscopemag.com/health-scope/just-forgetful-or-is-it-dementia/


Survivors Recount Ringgold Tornado's Impact

Catoosa County Manager Mike Helton reports that signage from Ringgold has been found in Knoxville and a Ringgold resident's swimming medals and yearbook material were found in Madisonville, Tenn.. . .

This silence before the storm is what to look for, according to Douglas. If the wind and chaos suddenly stop, prepare for the worst.
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Source: http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/catoosa/


VORP Provides Second Chances

We are not always afforded a second chance, but juvenile criminal offenders have a shot at one through Chattanooga’s Community Reconciliation, Inc. — Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP).

VORP provides the opportunity for the offender and victim to meet face-to-face over the dealings of a crime, . . .

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Source: http://www.tnbarfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/POI_Summer_2011.


The Chain Game

It’s been called the “single most successful marketing concept ever.” And whether or not this statement can be substantiated, the fact remains that franchises are a vital part of our economy that serve millions of people each and every day.

In 2014, according to IHS Global Insight, 770,000 franchise establishments employed 8.5 million Americans . . .

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Source: http://www.cityscopemag.com/city-scope/the-chain-game/


Collaborative Efforts Support Hamilton Place Boom

Despite tough economic times across the nation, Chattanooga's business boom is still volleying loudly, especially in the Hamilton Place area. The Brainerd/East Brainerd Chamber Council is working with other area groups to continue to amplify the level of jobs, quality of life and play in that part of town.

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Source: http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/community-ooltewahcollegedale/story/2011/mar/23/



Energy Corridor

Tomball is part of the metropolitan Houston area known as the energy corridor, thanks to being home to many companies operating within the oil and gas industries . . .

The Tomball Economic Development Corporation is addressing that issue by establishing the Tomball Business and Technology Park, a 97.5-acre development . . . .

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Source: EnergyCorridor.pdf


Charming Communities - History In Every Neighborhood

While Harrisonburg serves as the "big city" for the metropolitan area, the surrounding Rockingham County contains several other vibrant municipalities as well. Each has its own distinct story and intriguing characteristics. . . Located just 12 miles north of Harrisonburg, the town of Broadway was once named Custer’s Mill. ...the community played a pivotal role in the Civil War.
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Source: www.HRChamber.org HarrisonburgRockingham-CharmingCommunities-HistoryInEveryNeighborhood.pdf


Shop, Dine and Stay - Customers Find Appealing Combination

For a locale of its size, visitors are often surprised by the area’s extensive line-up of shopping, dining and lodging options. There is no shortage of ways to exercise one’s wallet throughout Harrisonburg-Rockingham area.


. . . , shoppers will find diversity of options and budgets close by.



Source: www.HRChamber.org HarrisonburgRockingham-Shop-Dine-AndStay.pdf



Burgers, Nightlife and Boutiques

With its steady increase in retail and restaurant developments, the Lawton Fort Sill region has emerged as a hot spot for shopping and dining. Residents and visitors can choose from a generous variety of popular national chains.




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Source: www.lawtonfortsillchamber.com


SimplyThe Best - A School District Worthy Of An A+ Reputation

Sarasota County Schools (SCS) demands only the best education for its students. This strong determination is evident in the district’s renowned success as a top performer in the state.

SCS has earned a prestigious ranking of No. 2 out of 67 total districts in Florida for student performance . . .

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Source: www.SarasotaChamber.com


It's Showtime - Jewel For The Arts

Spectacular scenery isn’t the only thing that’s in abundance in Flagstaff. John Tannous, the executive director for the Flagstaff Arts Council, points out that the town is a major hot spot for arts and culture.

“Flagstaff is incredibly rich in the arts and live music,” Tannous says.

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Source: www.FlagstaffChamber.com


Superb Scholastics - Young Minds Benefit From Options

While public schools across Southlake are exceptional, sometimes parents want their children to learn in a different setting. They can select from several private options throughout the community that provide an excellent atmosphere where their kids can excel.

Fusion Academy Southlake caters to students in grades six through 12.


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Source: www.southlakechamber.com



Here To Heal - Relieving Pain And Improving Health

From life’s minor aches and irritations to serious injuries and illnesses, residents in the Victoria area can turn to several medical facilities for head-to-toe treatment.

Since 1956, Citizens Medical Center—known as the Heart Hospital—has been administering progressive medical services with respect, compassion and expertise.

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Source: www.victoriachamber.org